Party Wall Act Section 1

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Party Wall Act Section 1- New building on line of junction

The line of junction is what you might refer to as the boundary line between you and your neighbour. Technically there is a difference between line of junction and boundary but practically it is easier to think of it as the same. An example might be where you want to build a new extension and the wall is right against the boundary but not over it. In this case you will have to serve a Section 1-'Line of Junction Notice' on your neighbour.



It may be that you have discussed with your neighbour that he can build the wall half and half on both your lands so that you can both use the wall for your own extensions. If this is the case then there still needs to be a written agreement and the cost of building the wall is usually split between both owners equally, either at the time of construction or at the time when you make use of the wall. If you build the wall and pay for it and your neighbour decides in future to build his extension, then he would have to pay you half the cost at the current day rates of building the wall and not what it cost when originally built.



If you have no intention of using the wall then you can refuse for the wall to be built on your land and your neighbour will have to build it completely on his own land.


Whatever the case, the person doing the work should serve a Section 1 Line of Junction Notice on the adjoining owner at least one month before the intended work is begin.